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Handle Irregular Bursts of Files using EventBridge and Glue Workflow

7 minute read

Exploring ways of handling irregular and sudden bursts of multiple files for data processing using event driven architecture on AWS. This blog posts showcases how to use S3 notification with EventBridge to trigger a Glue Workflow that has number of events and batch window trigger conditions.

Personal Project - pytransflow

33 minute read

I’m thrilled to present pytransflow, a Python library I developed in my free time. pytransflow simplifies record-level processing through transformation flows defined in YAML files. I hope you find this library engaging and that it sparks your interest to both use and contribute to it.

Nginx Reverse Proxy and Lua Scripting

13 minute read

Exploring the implementation of Lua scripting for dynamically altering API requests in an Nginx Reverse Proxy. This investigation opens up possibilities to write and run dynamic content using Lua scripts directly within the Nginx server, making it a powerful tool for web applications.

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