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I’ve started this site as an experiment, mainly to practice putting my work into plain language that readers of all fields could understand, but also as a chance to meet and connect with like-minded people.

Most of the articles here are related to data and programming but my plan is to occasionally write about the implementation of modern data solutions in scientific research.

I hope you will enjoy your stay and don’t forget to grab a :coffee: before you start reading!

I am always available at vladsiv (@) protonmail (dot) com :email:

About Me

I earned my BSc in theoretical physics and MSc in biophysics. Throughout my studies I was involved in several science projects that used large amounts of data to discover patterns and model phenomena.

After a brief academic career in the field of biophysics where I worked on developing new nonlinear model of microtubules I made a huge shift towards programming, data science, and cloud technologies.

My interests range from machine learning, data engineering to computational optimization, and high performance computing.

In my spare time I enjoy taking walks, learning new languages, drawing, and sometimes playing the guitar.


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